How to add an anchor link in a WordPress page or blog

How to add an anchor link in a WordPress page or blog

Here is a quick tutorial for adding an anchor link to a WordPress page or blog.

    1. First we will assue that you want to link to a sub heading further down your page. This sub heading will be called Anchor Point. The link at the top of the post will be called Link to Anchor Point.
    2. Switch to HTML view in the WordPress editor and find ‘Anchor Point’. Add the a name attribute as shown here:
      <h2><a name="anchorname">Anchor Point</a></h2>
    3. At the top of the page, find ‘Link to Anchor Point’. Add the link attribute as shown here:

<a href="http://<WordPressURL>/<pagename_or_id>#anchorname">Link to Anchor Point</a>

  1. Make sure you change <pagename_or_id> to the page or post name or id and you change <WordPressURL> to your WordPress URL.



  • Hi there, Thanks for posting this, its very simple and to the point for adding anchor links, however I’m still having issues.

    My anchor points are not working in wordpress blog, see my page here:

    Please let me know why the “quick links” aren’t bringing page down to specific anchor points in the page. Many Thanks.

    • Stuart Churchill

      The author quick link is not working because you have not named them consistently. You have the quick link pointing to #jordan-rubin-author and the anchor is

      Make these consistent, and it should work.