WordPress boldy theme latest tweet not showing – Fix

WordPress boldy theme latest tweet not showing – Fix

I recently had the problem where the latest tweet was not being displayed on our site. After a while searching I found the cause. Apparently Twitter no longer supports the original url which is used in the code of the theme. To fix it:

    1. Go to your site root folder and open wp-content/themes/boldy and download the footer.php file.
    2. On line 27 you will see this URL in within a larger piece of script. Change the URL from:




  • Now save the file back into the wp-content/themes/boldy folder.
  • Make sure you clear the cache in your browser before youtry re-loading the page.


  • Vee

    This worked like a charm, thank you!

  • Thanks a lot for this, such a simple way to fix something that was annoying me for ages! Literally took one minute to sort out. Was tempted to use another theme because of this but now there’s no need to, thanks again.

  • Tom

    Sorry to be naive, but how do I access the site root folder to make the change mentioned above? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

    • Stuart Churchill

      Hi Tom. You can either log into the site root using an FTP client or through your website hosting control panel.
      If you log in by FTP, you will usually be at the website root. From here you can navigate to the file you need to edit, download a copy of the file to your desktop, make another copy for a backup, make the changes as described above, then re-upload the file, making sure you overwrite the file with the new one.

      If you don’t have access by FTP, from the web hosting control panel look for something like File Explorer. This gives you pretty much the same functionality as a FTP client.
      If you need any more help, just contact me using the email address on the contact page.

  • Thanks so much for this! A quick and easy fix for what could have taken me ages to work out!

  • pat

    thanks for the fix.

  • Thank you very very very much 🙂

  • Perfect fix – thanks a lot for posting this, it really helped!!

  • Hi there,

    I did as you said above but my clients tweets are still not showing? Can you please help?

  • Your fix not working for me…. Can you check my site and tell me what’s wrong.


  • Check http://www.alexweb.no Found a fix to show the latest tweets. Let me know if anyone need help to fix the problem with your twitter feed.